Trans European Port Services

Managing vehicles in a large & busy transport company is an ongoing highly skilled balancing act which requires constant monitoring and adjusting to meet the requirements of customers.

Trans European Port Services ability to meet these needs for haulage, storage and distribution, became a little easier for transport managers and operators with the implementation of vehicle tracking solutions from September 2011, provided through an account managed by Arrows Tracking Solutions in Hull.

With vehicle tracking, Trans European Port Services can now deliver goods in the fastest way, utilising all vehicles across the fleet as efficiently as possible saving both time and money. Helping things to run more smoothly in what is inevitably a fast paced transport office with rapidly changing scenarios.

Live traffic, messaging and reporting all help as well as being able to route vehicles directly to locations around the UK, each vehicle is tracked in real time allowing operators to keep in touch with all the latest movements without having to make constant calls to drivers.

Paul Fordon, Managing director said, “our tracking solution means that if a vehicle is heading back to base empty and a request comes in, we can divert it simply by sending a message to the driver’s screen, saving us call costs, increasing efficiency, and reducing unnecessary fuel consumption.”

“As well as this, now they know where all the vehicles are, the transport office can always dispatch the nearest vehicle to a job. This – combined with the integrated satellite navigation system, helps the driver to find the fastest and most efficient route – this makes our whole service faster and more cost-effective. It also means our customer loads are tracked constantly meaning we can provide peace of mind to customers on the accurate location and ETA of the delivery”

“The provision of a local specialist to help with the management of our account was also a large plus with the system. Having Arrows Tracking Solutions supporting us directly means that training is carried out quickly and provided on an ongoing basis as well as speedy resolutions to any problems we may have, this means we are much better equipped to stay ahead of the game in terms of any future developments with the solution.”
Arrows Tracking Solutions is at the sharp end of development in Vehicle Tracking and Mobile Data Development. The solutions and latest software applications are intended for companies that want to take full advantage of this technology, allowing them to provide full cost savings and increase productivity. Allowing users to track, message and monitor their fleet from almost any PC at any location for a fixed cost with added benefits such as Tachograph integration, remaining driving time, ‘Active Driver Feedback’ and driving scores.