Redcliffe International Shipping Ltd

When your transporting explosive loads in today’s world, keeping track of where it is has become something companies are now required to do by law in many parts of the world, ensuring that you’re using a tracking provider you can trust and that delivers is essential.

Redcliffe international Shipping carry specialist cargo which is often dangerous throughout Europe and it needs to be tracked not just so that they and their customers know where the product is but also so that the authorities of the country they are in even allow them to make their journey.

Nick stead, transport manager at Redcliffe explains “we are facing more and more red tape when it comes to transporting certain goods, especially throughout Europe, it is vitally important not only to us and our customer but also to enforcement organisations that we are able to demonstrate that our vehicles are tracked to a standard that is acceptable to them”.

Utilising our Complete package, Redcliffe international have the full functionality of our Vehicle tracking system from Arrows Tracking Solutions available to them, “Geo-fences are something we use a great deal to see when our vehicles have arrived on site and when they leave as mobile communications are restricted on many of the sites we access” says Nick.

Door sensors are also another essential tool for Redcliffe, allowing them to see when doors are opened and closed on vehicles, “using door sensors on the vehicles mean we can see when the doors have been opened or closed on the vehicles, meaning more importantly that we can see if anything is likely to have been delivered or removed”.

Arrows Tracking Solutions have dealt with Redcliffe for a number of years now and offer support and account management. “We’ve dealt with Jon from Arrows Tracking Solutions since he came to see us initially about Telematics and Cellular solutons, he’s taken his time to get to know us and learn about our business, he knows how important it is that our system remains online, especially when in Europe and as a result always goes that extra yard to make sure we get what we need, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their service to anyone”.