Quartix Timesheets

Timesheet reports in Excel – Delivered to your inbox

The weekly Microsoft Excel document provides a detailed sheet – per vehicle – for each day of the week, along with a summary for the week as a whole. It is e-mailed to you automatically on a day/time specified by you.

Fleet management information covered by the vehicle tracking reports includes:

mileage and fuel usage, maximum speeds, shift times, driving time and time spent at each site. The vehicle tracking report is an invaluable fleet management tool for processing employee time-sheets, pay and overtime. Private mileage can be entered into the report, providing a breakdown of business and private mileage for each day and the week as a whole.

Daily and weekly summaries – Key information in the vehicle tracking reports includes:

Mileage and fuel usage – the detail and summary sheets provide a check on the estimated fuel usage for each business vehicle which can be verified against fuel bills and compared across the fleet – helping you track and control running costs. Maximum speeds – the maximum recorded speed for each trip – tallied across individual days and weeks – provides a useful way of monitoring driving style habits and promoting safer use of your vehicles. Shift times – the vehicle tracking report automatically calculates the time from the first to the last movement of the vehicle in each day. Configuration options also allow you to specify shift times to be used in the reports.
Links to location and route maps – the location names and trip numbers provide direct links to maps on our website – so that you can quickly and easily check stop locations, speeds, routes driven etc. Vehicle group reports – One email for a group of vehicles Excel reports also cover an entire group of vehicles. You will receive a daily email with an Excel attachment with time sheets for each vehicle as part of a fleet-wide summary. This report allows you see the activity levels, stop and start times and shift durations for each of your business vehicles on a single sheet. It’s backed up with full detail for each vehicle.
Time on site vehicle tracking report – Helping you with job costing and reporting The time on site vehicle tracking report allows you to pick a location and compiles a report of each one of your business vehicles that has visited that site in the period you choose, revealing the time spent there. It’s a great help in analysing the cost of each job. The Quartix Vehicle Tracking System is available through Rental or Purchase schemes with three levels of functionality. The Vehicle Tracking Time-sheet Reports shown on this page are included in all our Vehicle Tracking Packages.