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Real time vehicle tracking – Internet-based for easy access

Utilising the Quartix vehicle tracking solution you are able to monitor your fleet in real-time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, using any web ready device. Because the system is web based there is no need for additional software or mapping. Our fully live vehicle tracking system uses GPS satellites to locate your vehicles, along with the Cellular networks to continuously update their position, speeds, routes and daily logs. Google Maps, backed by GPS, Street View and Traffic Integration, is utilised to locate your fleet. The Quartix website gives you immediate access to a Years worth of historic data for each vehicle. Older data is archived and can be easily retrieved.

Key Features

All of the key features of the Quartix fleet tracking system are available from the live tracking screen. Selecting a vehicle gives you access to the following features:
  • Daily log – a time sheet of a day’s activity, including jobs completed or deliveries made
  • Route map – a clear, colour-coded trace of the route taken between stops
  • Zoom and follow – locks the display on that vehicle, and follows its journey
  • Zoom to location – zooms to show the map detail around the vehicle, giving access to satellite, street view and traffic information (where available)

Daily vehicle tracking logs

Online availability and can be emailed to a chosen address, Daily vehicle tracking logs are offered in a concise, easy-to-read document. Each day is split into separate trips and the detail in the report can be for each individual vehicle. Pauses with the engine on and movements under a certain distance on a site can either be displayed or removed.

Custom Location Names and Job References

Using custom address locations to add customer details is made easy. This information can then replace the street addresses on your customised reporting, making it simple to see sites that you are frequently at.

Links to locations and routes

clicking on any place name directs you to a map highlighting that location, and the magnifying glass next to each trip takes you directly to the route display, described below.

Route map display

Easy to read, colour-coded trip reports Each business trip, or all journeys for a day, are displayed on the Quartix maps. Control buttons at the top allow you to move through each of the trips in a day – or go forward/backwards between days. Each way-point is marked with arrow symbols showing the direction travelled and coloured according to speeds shown in the key.

Mobile app

Tracking information on the move The Quartix mobile app allows users to see the real-time locations of their fleets and access the core features of the solution whilst on the go. The app is free and can be used by all Quartix customers. Visit the relvant App stores to download. The Quartix application offers three important features:
  • Vehicle List – a highlight of fleet data which the user has access, and their present location.
  • Live Tracking – shows the up to date locations of a selected vehicle in real time, along with other vehicles in the vicinity. The vehicle can then be ‘followed’ by the app, and the mapping screen will refreshed automatically.
  • Trip Information – Displays the journeys undertaken on any day over the last 6 months.The Quartix Vehicle Tracking system is available through Rental or Purchase options with three levels of capability. All the main areas of the system shown on this page are included in our lowest priced product.