Fleet Management

Fleet management

Managing service schedules in a large business vehicle fleet is an onerous task. The Quartix vehicle tracking system helps to automate the process by letting you manage service schedules, vehicle inspections, insurance and tax, as well as allowing you to set custom milestones and reminders. To use this fleet management tool you simply enter the vehicle odometer reading and key milestones in the screen shown opposite (accessible through the configuration menu item). The Quartix vehicle tracking system then accumulates the mileage from that date and notifies you when the vehicle needs servicing. Notifications are sent as emails or you can review the whole business vehicle fleet in an online report.

Integration with FleetCheck

Quartix and FleetCheck have partnered to provide:
  • Intelligent fuel-management
  • Fleet maintenance scheduling and control
  • Driving style and risk management
…and much more. Contact us for more information Fleet management system email alerts The Quartix fleet tracking management system generates automated alerts by e-mail, which are attached to the weekly vehicle workbook reports. Items for attention are coloured amber, and anything which is overdue is shown in red. For example, custom reminders can be generated to inspect tyres at a certain mileage.

Business vehicle fleet service date reports

The service date report provides a summary of the status of the entire business vehicle fleet, including data on:
  • Vehicle safety inspection
  • Emission tests
  • Service schedules
  • Registration fee
  • Insurance
  • Custom milestones such as tyre inspection etc.
Items coming due are shown in amber, while overdue tasks are highlighted in red. The whole fleet management report is presented in tabular format, so that it may be cut and pasted into a spreadsheet.

Vehicle fleet driver identification

Driver identification comes as an additional option and provides information on which driver is operating each vehicle. A small receiver is wired into the dashboard of each vehicle at the time of installation and each driver is equipped with their own magnetic key fob. Upon being placed onto the receiver, the unit will then register which driver is in the vehicle, and record all trip data specific to that driver. A further option can be added so that a high-pitched buzzing sounds until the key fob is placed on the receiver. The Quartix GPS Fleet Tracking Management system is available through Rental or Purchase schemes with three levels of functionality. All the main features of the Quartix Fleet Tracking Management System shown on this page are included in our Corporate offering.