Tracking FAQ

Tracking FAQ

Some common queries about our tracking solution are addressed below. We hope that this covers any questions that you might have, but please feel free to get in touch if you require further information.

Yes, Quartix solutions utilise the satellites orbiting the earths atmosphere in order to pinpoint your vehicles location accurately down to less than 10 meters.

Yes, our products have the ability to now send over air updates which download automatically when you log on, this means you no longer need to go through the long process of updating all your machines via a CD.

Yes, the Quartix stores all your information on 128bit encrypted servers.

Yes, our G.P.S updates as frequently as 60 second intervals, we also have the option of turn by turn updates available.

With the exception of moving units from one vehicle to another, the price we agree is the price you pay, there are no hidden costs.

No, the pricing for the system is based on just 1 vehicle and doesn’t change. Many tracking companies advertise pricing that is based on having a minimum number of units initially, this isn’t how we work.

We think so! We understand however that people operate at many different levels when it comes to technology so we provide full training for as many people as need it and are happy to spend time in one to one sessions when required.

It’s included in the cost. As e mentioned earlier there are no hidden costs and your information is stored for as long as you are a customer. Something else worth asking our competitors about!

As many as you need is the answer to this one. There are no restrictions on the number of people that are able to log on to your vehicles at any one time.

We can simply move the units from one vehicle to another. There is a cost for this depending on when and where we do the work, our fully qualified engineers are on hand to get this work done for you with the least amount of disruption possible.

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We believe vehicle tracking can save you money and add value to your business, why not take 2 minutes to check our FREE savings calculator and check out the possible savings for yourself, as someone once said ‘saving money is like making money without trying’.

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