Vehicle Tracking from £8 per month

Real time vehicle tracking

Easily track your business vehicle/assets and drivers through any internet-connected device. Get access to all vehicle/driver information to check daily routes, timesheets and maps.

Daily fleet log

Get hold of all vital information related to the vehicles. E.g. where stoppages were made, job completion time, short routes taken on sites among other detailed options.

Daily Route maps

Quartix allows you to check all routes taken by a vehicle and speed attained by it. The Google street view allows fleet managers to check speed limits against actual speed. Custom locations enable managers to check whether vehicles cross the proximity of given locations.

Dashcam for better administration

Dashcam footage brings an upper hand on the security of drivers and vehicles. It’s the best aid for easily and quickly reviewing speeding behaviours, G- Force events and accidents.

Mobile app for 24*7 tracking

Your fleet is on the move, and you are out of office? Not an issue. The mobile app gives you real-time remote control over your fleet’s operations. Live track your vehicles, review driving styles and so on.

Quartix trip reporter:

Large fleet or just a few vehicles, a trip report from Quartix shows fleet’s total mileage, driving hours, idling time and vehicle-driver specific data as per needs.

Weekly timesheet summary:

Receive a weekly e-mail with an excel sheet report containing a high-level summary of weekly travel time and timesheet information.

Geofencing for the fleet:

Restrict the areas on the Quartix map for your fleet. You can have unlimited geofencing zones. It alerts you when these zones are crossed by vehicles in your fleet.

Vehicle management

Vehicle management is now easy with Quartix. It records all important reminders and milestones for the entire fleet; like vehicle services, inspection and insurance renewals.


  • 1 minute updates
  • Online timesheets
  • Emailed timesheets
  • Vehicle route reports
  • Google Maps
  • Streetview & traffic
  • Excel reports
  • Driving style reports
  • Speeding/idling
  • Geofencing
  • Alerts by email & text message
  • Fleet utilisation & capacity reports
  • Management KPI 'dashboards'
  • Export to sat nav & ERP systems

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