Fleet Tracking Benefits

Save Money

Vehicle tracking is proven to save businesses money on fuel, overtime and back office costs

Customer Satisfaction

It helps to improve customer service and can make looking after clients and servicing their needs easier


Knowing where vehicles are can help keep staff safe, along with features like driver I.D, Fleet Maintenance logs, vehicle checks and lone worker protection

Reduce Fuel Costs with Fleet Tracking

Use our calculator to work out your fuel savings!

Fual Saving Chart

We believe vehicle tracking can save you money and add value to your business, why not take 2 minutes to check our FREE savings calculator and check out the possible savings for yourself, as someone once said 'saving money is like making money without trying'.

  • Saving Overtime
  • Decrease idle times
  • Decrease idle times
  • Route Optimization
  • Route Optimization
  • Detect Engine Issues
  • Track Driver Behaviors
  • Reduce vehicle speed
  • Reducing Fuel Consumption

Products & Pricing Plans

Vehicle Tracking

Starting from
£ 9.00
per month

Dash Cams

Starting from
£ 3.60 *
per month

* Price applicable when taken with Quartix tracking over 12 months

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